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Zack Munson

Zack Munson

Here's some info about Zack

Zack Munson has been a wonderful addition to The Gratzi family. His collegiate days were spent at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as well as Carthage College in Kenosha. Majoring in Marketing, Zack has the basic knowledge and understanding to bring life to any campaign or branding effort. Many of his talents are put to the test every day with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, and Search Engine Marketing.

Zack also has the ability to create content such as blog posts, Facebook Advertisements, and website pages. Video is another strong suit that Zack brings to the table. Shooting, editing, and producing is all overseen by Zack. His eye for creativity and his passion to do his best work keeps Zack motivated on each and every project.

A little more about Zack...

Zack has been with The Gratzi since 2017, and in that time he has trained under both Adam and Larry on a number of marketing and advertising projects. Many times Zack becomes excited when websites begin to rank on Google for our clients! Seeing our clients' websites Move Up On Google is a fulfilling accomplishment that Zack and the rest of The Gratzi team takes pride in.

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