The Gratzi, Inc.

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Website Design

For the clients that don't have a website, The Gratzi offers website design! From logo creation to working with your current graphics, we can create a website that has your unique look and feel that delivers your information to your clients. Need some inspiration? Check out our past work!

The Gratzi website team can also redesign your current website. From changing fonts and colors to completely redesigning your layout, our team can handle nearly every fix and change you need. If you have a particular look or design, send us your graphics and we can make it happen. Website redesign should not be a daunting task. Let us handle your site!

Search Engine Optimization

The most demanded website service that we offer is our SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Online marketing is becoming more and more competitive, and if you aren't optimizing your website, your company may be left in the dust, behind your competitors in the rankings. Or worse, you may not be ranked at all!

The Gratzi can resolve that issue! We offer different intensity levels of SEO, leaving the decision up to you. From our "Get Listed" package to our "Front and Center" package, we can help your company move up through the rankings in order to gain more clients and interest from the vast world of the internet.

We're located in Kenosha, and love helping local companies!

Website Maintenance

Running a business takes time, effort, and investment. Often times companies fail to update their website consistently, leaving old, stale content on there pages for months, sometimes even years! The Gratzi, Inc. can help keep your website fresh and updated with our website maintenance program!

In our website maintenance program, you hire us to ensure your website does not become stale. Your updates can be done by us on an automatic schedule, or submitted as needed through email or a phone call. Leave the technical side to us as we upload, sync, and integrate your new information to the web!

Social Media Management

Tired of posting to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin... Ok you see where we are going here...! Leave it to us! We can implement them into your website as needed so that one post circumvents your entire social media presence! Want Facebook to view one thing while Twitter sees a different announcement? No problem!

Our Social Media Management can make your posting, blogging, tweeting, snapping, etc. as simply as a quick email! Beyond that, we offer our automatic scheduling, allowing The Gratzi to create your content as well. Completely up to you! We are here to help your social media presence be a fun, informative, and relevant one!

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