The Gratzi, Inc.

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About Us

What is The Gratzi? What do we offer?

The Gratzi, Inc. is a local company here in Kenosha, WI that specializes in website development, search engine optimization, and website maintenance. The Gratzi team is a diverse group of individuals comprised of graphic design artists, programmers, coders, marketing gurus, and successful business owners. We believe in the highest levels of customer service on any job we are involved in, whether it be a big or small project.

Why does The Gratzi work with websites?

Short answer: We love doing it!

Long answer: The days of the internet being a "new thing" are long gone and we understand why every single company, from large to small, needs a functional website. From part-time companies to multimillion dollar corporations, each business should be utilizing a website while only the extent of which may be dependent on size. We also understand that websites need to be searchable and discoverable. That's why we do what we do! The Gratzi website team enjoys working with local companies of all sizes to grow and increase their online presence. Website design and search engine optimization are often times not easy, but we still persevere and learn new strategies and adhere to best practice techniques on developing websites and moving up through the rankings. Oh, and did we say we love doing it? We really do!

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